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Patrick Keith Williams Pilot Uniform With SweaterWelcome To Patrick Keith Williams Dot Com

Who is Patrick Keith Williams?  That is what this blog is all about.  I am Patrick Keith Williams, at present, I am 52 years old and I’ve lived an interesting life.  Started out in Kansas City, Missouri.  Went to Rockhurst High School.  Spent some time in Colorado Springs, Colorado as a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy, and since 1987 I have lived in Arizona.  Literally, I came here to Arizona for College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University,  and stayed.  My favorite football team is the Kansas City Chiefs, and I hate the Arizona Cardinals.

Blog Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to tell those who are interested a little bit about me.  I will do my best to give insights from my life so far, I will probably give my opinions, and share my thoughts.  For what purpose? Because I can. Along the way, if you follow what I post and what I write I hope you will get to know me.

My Profession, My Passion

In my life, I have a profession, and I have a passion.  My profession is what I do to make my living which is Tech work.  I build websites, do SEO, provide Social Media Marketing Sevices, teach and tutor tech, provide networking expertise, hardware repair, and software help.  In my passion, I am a pilot.  Currently, I am teaching people how to fly as an FAA-approved Certified Flight Instructor, working as a charter pilot, ferry pilot, doing anything to get me into the air as I love to fly. I am known as CFI Guy Arizona, and I am always looking for ways to spread the joy of flight

The Known and The Unknown

There are a lot of aspects to my life, known by many, and known by few.  I love the outdoors, I’m a hiker, a jet skier, a snow skier.  I enjoy Gates and Sons Barbecue soft, and I’m an admitted chocoholic.  I love animals, and my favorite animal is my Australian Shepherd dog named Cessna.  Here I will try to tell you a bit about me straight from my mouth.

My Pleasure To Meet You

So, enjoy, read, comment, engage. I look forward to spending time with you, and I hope you will enjoy the time spent with me.  There are multiple ways to contact me, and you are welcome to do so about anything.  I can be looked up on the internet as pwilliamsaz.  You can look up Patrick Williams but you will find that I am not the music composer, I am not Patrick Williams the MMA fighter, I am also not Patrick Williams the former football player nor am I the Patrick Williams serving time in a Texas Prison. I am simply Patrick Williams, pleasure to meet you.

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