Bucket List Why Wait To Get Started On Yours : Life Long Dream To Take A Private Jet

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Bucket List… Why Wait?

Patrick Keith Williams In Front Of Citation JetI was standing in front of Sawyer Aviation‘s 6 passenger Citation Jet waiting for my passengers.  I was excited for Mr. and Mrs. Brentwood, as they were taking a trip of a lifetime.  They had decided to fulfill one of their lifelong bucket list dreams of chartering a private jet.  They were going to their niece’s wedding in Willmar, MN.  As reverse snowbirds, they were leaving the warmth of sunny Scottsdale, Arizona to embrace the bitter cold of a Minnesota December.  Chartering the Private Jet was at the pinnacle of their list.  They were finally doing it and as the co-pilot on the private charter jet, I was going to be a part of it. As I stood waiting, I wondered why wait to get started on your bucket list? Shouldn’t you pursue your lifelong dreams all along?

The car pulled up to the plane, and Mr. and Mrs. Brentwood got out.  I felt a tinge of sadness when I saw that Mr. Brentwood was using a walker.  He was an older gentleman who had probably lived a full life.  But his body was failing him.  Despite his frailties, he had a crisp smile on his face.  As his wife attended to him he had a bright smile.  I noticed the loving looks between the two.  Loving looks practiced over a lifetime.  Were these just their public looks? No, I think they were their only looks, looks honed by time, and practiced daily.

Mary, the office manager had provided top-shelf snack and refreshments for their flight.  She knew this was a special occasion, the Brentwood’s bucket list event, and she took photos as proof of the occasion.  Lori, the Charter specialist was on hand to make certain Mr. and Mrs. Brentwood knew that we knew this was a special event.  Meanwhile, I took my part.  As the co-pilot, I made sure the Brentwood’s bags were stowed away, and I made sure our Pilot got his proper introduction.  I left him to chat with them while I completed the preflight, got our ATC clearance, and readied the plane for takeoff.

Getting Mr. Brentwood into the plane was an event.  Due to decreased leg strength, we literally had to carry him into the plane.  But he was a good sport about the whole thing which made our task that much easier.  Two people in a plane built for 6 passengers was quite comfortable for our passengers.  They seem pleased with the snakes and food provided.  Chad, the pilot,  pointed out the amenities, hot coffee, beer, spirits, along with the giving them their safety briefing.  Throughout the presentation, the Brentwood couldn’t have seemed happier.  They were ready to fulfill their Bucket List event, they were ready to take their Private Jet ride.

Weeather in Willmar MN

The trip itself was a routine flight for Sawyer Aviation Private Jet Charter, and when we landed at the Willmar Municipal Airport, the Brentwoods were very satisfied with our service.  They were picked up by relatives and shuttled away.  But reflecting after the flight I started thinking.  Why wait To get started on your Bucket List until you are in your 70’s.  Why not get started now?  I’ve heard many people talk about a bucket list but I wonder how many people actually have one.  Do I have one… no, I don’t.  I think it is time to get one. Then, once I have one, why wait until I am old to start working on it.  Live life in the now.   Watch this space.


Patrick Keith Williams outside the Willmar, MN Municipal Airport